A Starbucks Book Club Pitch*




Hi there,

I am a technologist, an author, mobile developer, and an advocate for computer literacy but I am not affiliated with Starbucks. Ok, I have the app on my phone and I get drinks there but that's it. Otherwise, I just want to share an idea with the great and powerful Oz Howard Schultz.

Send me a direct message on Twitter from an official account to connect. -S  




Thanks to Vint Cerf for making the internet so movtiated thinkers can flare our ideas across the world.

Community Minded marketing Veeps at CBTL, Peets, McDonalds, and Dunkin Donuts(guess the pattern) are people I would love to hear from too. Tweet me.

Cheers to the restless internetists like @Nathan, @Neil, @Walt, @Kara, that fellow in the big White House, and everyone who loves to read and discuss ideas. Holla!

Would love a shout out from , , , , , and , or you fancy schmancy network news folks.

Hey everyone: this to someone you know at Starbucks!